Message from the President


On behalf of the Detroit Association of Black Storytellers (DABS), I would like to welcome you to our web page.  As storytellers, we must carry on our rich history and culture.

When first arriving to DABS, I thought it would be a great organization.    I sat as close to the door as possible because I was just observing. I soon volunteered my marketing skills because of my experience with promoting events.

I started with re-creating DABS website promoting the storytelling events, by  making videos, photo’s and providing information about DABS.  The videos provided information about the coming DABS storytelling events past and present, also up coming.

I would speak using all the gestures to invite listeners and the presentation pointers from my past promotions experience. I began to evolve from a story talker to an experience storyteller.  I practiced my stories from childhood, military and traveling experiences.  As I looked at the listening eyes of my audiences, I thought this is working. My storytelling has evolved. Now I am a professional storyteller.

I must follow my storytelling soul because I’m not sure where I might land. If you have story or tell stories, come be a part of The Detroit Association of Black Storytellers journey to tell the stories.


Anthony  (Tone) Ross – President 2017-2018

Detroit Association of Black Storytellers